Simon Fraser University, Continuing Studies

Hot or Not?  The Global Art Market

January 10 – February 14 2017 (6 week course)

Shawne developed and taught this 6 week course which explored the drive to collect, the formation of the global art market, the monetary and social value of art, and surveyed who is buying what type of art.  Issues surrounding forgeries, misattributions and the black market for art were examined as well as technology and its impact on both art forms and the art market.

UBC Continuing Studies

UBC Continuing Studies
The Art of Edo Japan
June 2010 and Jan 30-March 6 2013 (6 week course)

Shawne developed and taught this six week course which surveyed the blossoming of the decorative and fine arts during the Edo period (1603-1867), including evolution in painting, the ornamentation of functional objects, and the rise of the woodblock print. Cross-cultural influences toward the end of the Edo period was also addressed.


UBC Continuing Studies
From Buddha to Shogun to Astroboy: The History of Japanese Art

February 2011

Shawne developed and taught this eight week course which surveyed 2000 years of Japanese cultural expression.  From the early pottery of the Jomon people; Buddhist sculpture, architecture and painting to the spectacular ceramics and woodblock prints of the Edo era and the globally consumed manga novels and anime graphics of contemporary culture, the luminescence of Japan’s cultural legacy was explored.

Canadian Antiques Roadshow

Canadian Antiques Roadshow
Vancouver, BC and Regina, SK
(May 2006)

Shawne MacIntyre joined a team of seasoned appraisers to provide the public with valuations of their unique treasures, heirlooms and garage sale purchases. Specializing in the appraisal of paintings and prints, Shawne appraised items in Regina and Vancouver on Season Three of the popular Canadian Antiques Roadshow.