Montecristo Magazine Summer 2015
Summer 2015

The Fossil Industry. Can You Dig It?
Excavation methodologies have evolved from the simple basket and pickaxe used in the earlier centuries, and prices have risen to a headline-worthy status—but our passion for connecting with and collecting prehistory remains as strong as ever.
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Winter 2014

Contemporary Ceramics: Challenging Convention
Long regarded as a “minor craft”, ceramics have emerged from the annals of antiquity and shelves of granny’s china cabinet to become a platform for social commentary, a place to confront tradition, and a medium in which to explore form over function.
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Summer 2014 - Surfing for Art
Summer 2014

Surfing for Art: Buying Art Online
When selecting a new painting for the wall, a prospective buyer typically migrates toward an art gallery, art fair, or an auction house to fit the bill. But and other online platforms want buyers to consider another option.
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Montecristo Autumn 2013Unusual Memorability: For What It’s Worth
There is a healthy market in the trade of our flotsam and jetsam. From baseball cards to paper contracts to antique jeans, if there is a seller, there is a buyer, and often at surprising values.
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